WCC Expo 2018
On February 8−10 a thematic exhibition will take place in the lobby of the Congress Center as a part of the 6th Winter Cycling Congress.
Helmheld is a brand that focuses on the safety and style of cyclists via bicycle helmets. Helmheld is the premium retailer of the helmet brands Torch, LIVALL and Lumos. Less happens, if you are better seen. Bicycle helmets with lights.
Aira and Smart Track
Aira has developed the Smart Track cycling infrastructure project! The "smart" bike lane is equipped with a managed light contour for safe and comfortable bike ride during the darkness. Intellectual lightening system shows the direction and speed for cyclists. Smart Track is also equipped with medical stations, toilets, bike cafes, bike repair stations, rentals as well as tilted garbage bins. Additional lights 20 meters before the crossing attract everyone's attention and thus assure avoiding accidents. A impact-resistant material Selin used for the bike lane is produced by Aira and provides additional brightness for lights.
BearBike is a brand that combines individuality and reliability, sophisticated sense of humour and confidence. The company produces nice and affordable city bikes for people who are bright, free, brave and appreciate comfort. BearBike is a team of dedicated professionals who are absolutely in love with bicycles and parties. That is why the BearBike show room is not just a shop but a meeting point for friends, colleagues and cycling enthusiasts.
Bikesimizer.com is a social network for cyclists, bike tourists and bike lovers. One can join the network and create a personal account, register a bike or its components to see their usage. There is also an opportunity to create routes in a route constructor and to import/export them to any bike computer in format GPX and KML or just use it in an app available for iOS and Android. One can also check-in on the route, create ccommunities, events, share the routs and find friends. There is no need to make a choice between apps. When using Strava or Runtastic one can just import and share the city routs with the world.
With more than 15 years of experience, Eco-Counter is the global leader in pedestrian and bicycle counting technology. Their dedicated research & development team has created the most innovative and high-quality systems available on the market. Eco-Counter produces a broad range of temporary and permanent counting systems, each designed for different counting needs in both urban and rural areas. From Canada to Russia, Eco-Counters are trusted in the harshest of winter climates and today, more than 14,000 counting systems have been installed in 53 countries worldwide.
Forward is one of the largest Russian bike producers. The company produces three bike brands. Forward bikes are modern and technologically advanced. They combine high-quality and creative design solutions, creative design, convenience and reliability. Format is a premium brand. These bikes are designed for sports riding, conveniente for riding on rough terrain and through the city. Format is a choice of many athletes. Altair bikes are perfect for relaxed and comfortable bike rides. They are easy to operate and maintain. Many Altair bikes have folding frames.
Mongolian Bike
The Mongolian Bike International Bike Tour Association has established in 2015. This is a non-profit organization and MB's main purpose is to contribute the use of bicycles daily living needs. Mongolian Bike trains people to use bicycles in their life, to become habitual for healthy living, to organize regularly long and short distance bicycle tours, to cooperate with the similar bicycle international organizations. MB organizes international and local bicycle tours the whole year round. Winter bicycle tours are held on the ice.
Mobike is the world's first and largest smart dockless bikesharing company. Using specially designed bikes equipped with GPS and proprietary smart-lock technology, Mobike enables users to find a bike nearby, reserve and unlock it with a smartphone app. The company officially launched in Shanghai in April 2016, and has since expanded the service to over 200 cities globally with 8 million bikes making 30 million rides daily. Mobike was recently named among the 2017 Champions of the Earth by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in recognition of its transformative contribution to the advancement of low carbon public transport.
Finnish Cycling Embassy
The Finnish Cycling Embassy is a know-how consortium of the leading experts of cycling snow-how in the World. We know how to get people to ride bikes in cold and snowy conditions and we're ready to help you to do the same! The success stories of the best winter cycling cities in the World like Oulu and Joensuu, have received international fame and the Finnish Cycling Snow-How is well known around the Arctic.
Teslakb.ru: e-bike RnD company
E-bike for delivery and sharing, conversion motor-battery kit for any bicycle installation, warehouse autonomous cart, etc. RnD company Teslakb monitors constantly all the latest technologies and implements it in real life products. At this exhibition you will see specialized B2B e-bike for delivery and sharing and a universal high quality motor-battery kit for the conversion any bicycle into e-bike.
Exhibition hall of the Congress center Technopolis Moscow
February 8-10, 2018, 10 am — 6 pm
More than 600 attendees from Russia, CIS, Europe, the U.S., Canada.

  • policymakers of federal, provincial and local levels, representatives of city administrations
  • leaders of NGOs engaged in creating comfortable urban environment and promoting bicycle culture
  • employees of design, planning, engineering and transport organizations
  • business community
  • interested general public
  • journalists
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