Welcome to Moscow
We are very excited to welcome you in Moscow and wish you could feel like home here. To make your trip to and time in Russia as pleasant as possible, we will fill this page with some useful information about visas, accommodation, transport, places to eat and other little facts.
Traveling to Moscow
How to get visa
Please, don't forget to check in advance whether you need a visa for Russia. The process of getting visa is not that difficult and long as it seems! Below we gathered links to the information pages of the Russian Embassies in various countries about documents, timing and costs of the visa:

Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, USA
From the airports to Moscow city center
There are three main airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo (SVO), Domodedovo (DME) and Vnukovo (VKO). We recommend to use one of them. All three are well-connected to the city center. There is also Zhukovsky airport, but it is located very inconveniently and has bad connection. Try not to choose flights to this airport.

Sheremetyevo International Airport

1. Aeroexpress to Belorussky railway station
This is the fastest and the most convenient way to get to the city. The first train from the airport leaves at 05:00, the last one at 00:30. The journey time is 35 minutes. Passenger air terminals of Sheremetyevo E, D, F are connected to each other and to the Aeroexpress terminal. Free Shuttle buses run from Terminal C to the Aeroexpress terminal (only for air passengers). The ticket can be purchased at the Aeroexpress terminal in special vending machines (vending machines issue change, and also accept bank cards for payment). You can see the schedule and buy the tickets through the site.

2. Taxi
You can use taxi services at the airport or Uber, Gett Taxi, Yandex.Taxi.

Domodedovo International Airport

1.Aeroexpress to Paveletsky railway station

The aeroexpress platform at the airport is located at the exit from the arrival hall of domestic lines. The first train leaves at 06:00, the last train to Moscow - at 00:00. The journey takes 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket sales terminal in the arrivals hall of international and domestic air lines. You can see the schedule and buy the tickets through the site.

You can use taxi services at the airport or Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Gett Taxi, etc.

Vnukovo International Airport

1.Aeroexpress to Kievsky railway station

The duration of the trip by aeroexpress to Moscow to the Kievsky railway station is 35 minutes. The ground entrance to the Aeroexpress station is located within walking distance from the terminal A. In order to enter the Aeroexpress station in Terminal A of the Vnukovo airport, you'll need to go down the elevator or escalator to the "-1" floor, walk past the Aviation Security Service employees and follow the signs to the station "Aeroexpress". In Terminal A, ticket machines have been installed for Aeroexpress (vending machines issue change, and accept payment by bank cards). You can see the schedule and buy the tickets through the site.

You can use taxi services at the airport or Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Gett Taxi, etc.
Staying in Moscow
Where to stay
There are a lot of hotels and hostels of different categories and various Airbnb options available in Moscow. For your convenience, we agreed with several hotels and hostels on discount for accommodation during the days of the congress. Read more.
About Moscow
Exploring Moscow
Every year WCC is not only about the event itself but also about the city it is held in. Find out more about Moscow from this video and plan your time to do some sightseeing!

During the past four years Moscow has undergone significant changes. From the city paralyzed by the consequences of the car-oriented development it is moving towards a pedestrian and bicycle-friendlier city. The number of cars is reducing; more and more initiatives aimed at promoting bicycle as a means of transportation are taking place.

With its square of 2511 km² and population of about 20 million people Moscow is a huge city, a megalopolis and a capital that attracts a lot of attention. Moscow can be seen as a separate country with its big potential. It is a common knowledge that the future the world population is an urban future, big cities are the most prospective and people flow to the big cities every year. That is why Moscow shouldn't be considered only as Moscow itself, it is an example and a start point for all changes in Russia, this is the place all trends taken by the regions are coming from and in many cases it is also an example for the CIS countries.

Moscow is a world class city and its experience and facilities for holding big events are hard to overestimate. There are three big international airports well-connected to the city center, easy and fast transportation access to different parts of the city, modern high-tech venues to hold events on the highest level. Moscow can be easily reached by train from many locations such as Finland, for example. Foreigners feel quite comfortable here even without knowing a word in Russian because of the bilingual urban navigation.

Russian government has its seat in Moscow that is why the outcome provided by the events held in the capital are more likely to be heard. Moscow has a huge economic potential. Offices of many Russian and international companies are located here.

Moscow will be the main destination in 2018 and the logistic center of Russia because of the World Cup that will take place in 11 Russian cities. Attention to the urban development, comfortable transportation, and tourism will be paid more than usual.
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