Call for proposals
We invite everyone willing to share a useful experience, innovative approach, interesting case study or a project to submit proposal and become a speaker at the 6th Winter Cycling Congress in Moscow!

Call for proposals is now closed. However, we encourage you to use the opportunity and come to the congress as an attendee, exchange ideas and benefit from networking!
In 2018, the 6th international Winter Cycling Congress will take place in Moscow. Being held in Russia for the first time, this event will bring together the biggest variety of experts, stakeholders and activists committed to encouraging winter cycling and active mobility in their communities. Together with the usual representation of Europe, the U.S. and Canada we expect this-year congress to stand out by an active involvement of the CIS and Eastern European region that used to be underrepresented previously. This will make the WCC grow in its scope and outcome quality, exchange experience as well as bring the winter cycling to agenda of every city that actually needs it. More than 600 attendees are expected!

Another feature of the Winter Cycling Congress 2018 in Moscow will be its agenda that is going to be expanded beyond the cold-climate and snowy winter topics. As every winter country has its warmer southern cities, several broader topics from the annual Moscow International Cycling Congress agenda will be included, such as traffic code amendments, cycling economy and business involvement etc.
    Who will I be presenting to?
    More than 600 attendees from Russia, CIS, Europe, the U.S., Canada.

    • policymakers of federal, provincial and local levels, representatives of city administrations
    • leaders of NGOs engaged in creating comfortable urban environment and promoting bicycle culture
    • employees of design, planning, engineering and transport organizations
    • business community
    • interested general public
    • journalists
      Which format of the presentation should I expect?
      In order to facilitate discussion, stimulate interaction and make presentations as engaging as possible the sections will be held in different formats such as:

      • panel discussions
      • round tables
      • workshops
      • mobile workshops
      • Pecha-Kucha presentations
      • and others.

      You can mention your desirable format and we will try to meet your wishes. However, in the end it will be the organizer to suggest you a format most suitable in the context of the whole program.

      In case your format stands out of the common ones mentioned above (art project etc.), please, don't hesitate to fill in the Call for proposals form!
      Which main areas will be covered at the WCC 2018?
      • Possibilities for cycling in the cold climate cities
      • Cycling infrastructure design for the year-round use
      • Maintenance of the year-round cycling infrastructure and streets cleaning in different climates and comunity sizes
      • Instruments of promoting cycling culture in the northern countries
      • Road safety and amendments in the traffic code
      • Cycling economy and business involvement
      • Data collection and evaluation practices
      • Activist practices and work of public organizations
      • All-year bicycle tourism: infrastructure and bike tourism as a tool for regional development
      • Bike-sharing systems effective in various types of climates
      • Technology and Innovations in the year-round cycling mobility
      • Education and winter cycling for school

      Whether your point of view is local or global in scope, we welcome your input on how to improve, promote and broaden the appeal of year-round cycling!
      Will there be any support provided for the selected speakers?
      The organizers will provide visa support to those approved as speakers to the 6th Winter Cycling Congress in Moscow. Remember, you do not need to pay any participation fee. Participation in the 6th Winter Cycling Congress is free of charge.
      Proposal submitted. What's next?
      No later than one week after the Call deadline you will be contacted by the organizers. If your proposal is approved the organizers will ask you to confirm the topic and discuss the further details such as format, timing and highlights of your presentation. You will be also asked for a short bio and a picture for the website.

      If your proposal is not approved you will be informed about it by the organizer.