February 6-7, 2018
Tour to Almetyevsk
A tour to the city of Almetyevsk will take place as part of the 6th international Winter Cycling Congress.

Almetyevsk is a «Russian bicycle capital» of 150.000 inhabitants in the central part of the country that consulted Copenhagenize Design Co. and built over 100 km of quality bike lanes in 1,5 years. Due to the strong political will of the mayor Ayrat Khayrullin and complex quality approach Almetyevsk managed to become bike-friendly in a very short time and be example for changes in other cities. The first city in Russia with the station free bike-sharing, quality infrastructure on Danish standards, winter maintenance.

During the tour participants will see city's bike network and meet the city administration.
Number of participants
30 people
February 6-7, 2018
Apply via the form by December 20, 2018
Terms of participation
Amount of spots is limited (30 people). In case the amount of applicants will exceed the number of spots available, the Organizing Committee will select participants of the tour based on their applications submitted. Please, do not buy your flight tickets to Almetyevsk before your participation is officially confirmed!

Registration is open by December 20, 2018.

The host party provides free transfer from/to airport of Nizhnekamsk/Naberezhnye Chelny, as well as free meals and accommodation (1 night).

Flight to the airport of Nizhnekamsk/Naberezhnye Chelny (NBC) and other expenses are covered by participants themselves. In case of using other modes of transport, participants are expected to get to Almetyevsk on their own.

Transfer time:
Airport (NBC) — Almetyevsk: February 6th, 10:30 AM
Almetyevsk — Airport (NBC): February 7th, 2:00 PM

Recommended flights from Moscow (on OneTwoTrip website):
There: SVO 08:30—10:15, Aeroflot SU-1254
Back: 17:40—19:30 SVO, Aeroflot SU-1253
Price for the day of 12.12.2017: €92.98

There: SVO 08:30—10:15, Aeroflot SU-1254
Back: 18:15—20:05, Pobeda DP-442
Price for the day of 12.12.2017: €60.68
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