Contest results
The international jury has come up with the results of the Logo and Identity Design Contest for the 6-th Winter Cycling Congress that will take place in Moscow in February 2018 for the first time. The choice was made among more than 500 contest proposals submitted from 40 countries around the world.
According to the rules those willing to participate should have developed a logo and key identity elements of the contest. Both professionals and the amateur designers could take part and there were no restrictions on age or country of origin. The winner was defined by the international jury from seven countries. The winner will be awarded 1000 Euro.
To choose between hundreds of logos wasn't a piece of cake! After the continuous discussion the contest proposal of Elena Chechkina from Novosibirsk was defined as a winner.
The winning proposal is one of the most detailed and developed among other applications. Besides the logo itself it contains various additional identity elements, as well as patterns that can be used in promo-materials and for souvenir items.
The second place went to Margarita Yerastova from the USA.
Other submissions
When choosing the winner the juries were following the certain criterias such as reflection of the the concept and the main ideas of the contest, aesthetic attractiveness, completeness of the materials submitted, correspondence with the object and the subject of the contest, childhood memories and emotions caused by each proposal.

Below you can find the contest proposals that received fewer votes but were honorary mentioned by the jury.
Some designs were put on a special list as they might be interesting for the souvenirs of the Congress. The organizers will contact the authors separately.

We thank all participants for the interest to the contest and the jury for the professional evaluation and selection of the best ideas and designs!
About the Congress
The Winter Cycling Congress, initiated by the Winter Cycling Federation, takes place annually since the year 2013. It gathers hundreds of experts from every corner of the globe to discuss the opportunities for the cycling mobility in the cold climate cities as well as building and supporting year-round cycling infrastructure and promoting cycling culture in the northern countries. The last-year congress took place in Montreal, Canada, and attracted more than 400 participants. Moscow was chosen to be the next host city among various applications submitted. The application was submitted by the Russian cycling advocacy project Let's bike it! and backed by various NGOs and governmental organisations, including the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

The 6-th Winter Cycling Congress will take place in Moscow in February 2018. The official website —
The contest is organized by the Russian cycling advocacy project Let's bike it!
Any questions about the competition details and organization?
Please, contact Nadia Zherebina.
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