Food and entertainment
Here's a list of places where you can have a bite to eat, have dinner or just relax and spend an awesome time in Moscow.
Russian cuisine
Café Pushkin
26-A, Tverskoy blvd, tel.: +7 495 739 00 33, Open 24x7

The restaurant attracts well-off Muscovites and their friends, especially, foreigners, wishing to get acquainted with Russian cuisine. It's been 20 years since the restaurant first opened its doors, a considerable term for Moscow. High quality is a standing rule here. "Pushkin" is loved not only for its delicious meals but also for decorated antique halls filled with theatrical atmosphere, waiters dressed in sleeveless old-fashioned jackets, who behave as though they were heroes of some historical novel, and the menu based on the XIXth century recipes.

Average bill is over 2500 rubles.
"Lepim i varim"
26 build 1, Prospect Mira avenue, tel.: +7 499 399 31 23. Open 11-24. 9/1, Stoleshnikov side str, tel +7 985 688 96 06, Open 10-23

Pelmeni — a Russian version of famous Italian ravioli and China dimsams - dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened dough. In places like pelmennye you'll always find a vast choice of pelmeni. These cafes emerged in Moscow during the Soviet era. "Lepim i varim" is the first lucky try to make it fancy. Except for traditional meat dumplings, they serve fish, cheese and potato pelmeni.

Average bill is ~700 rubles.
Grand-Café Dr.Zhivago
15/1, Mokhovaya st, tel.: +7 499 922 01 00, Open 24x7

The restaurant is on the ground flour of the hotel "National". There's a legend saying that that's the exact place where the label of a famous vodka "Stolichnaya" was created. After the revolution of 1917 a new Soviet government stayed here. The restaurant keeps the traditions of a Russian Soviet cuisine and serves its meals in revolutionary red interior colours. Despite the fact that it's situated by the Kremlin, the prices here are below the average. The restaurant is especially recommended for its breakfasts.

Average bill is ~1500-2000 rubles.
8, Vorontsovskaya st., tel.: +7 495 912 18 27. Open 24x7, no credit cards.

A wholesale eating of Russian pancakes - "blini" - will take place in a week after WCC2018 with the beginning of Maslenitsa - an Eastern Slavic folk holiday, celebrated during the last week before Great Lent, that is, the eighth week before Eastern Orthodox Pascha (Easter). A "blin" itself is a symbol of the Sun. You can eat blini at "Blinnaya" any time you want. The interior looks like if it ran away from the Soviet epoch. The prices are quite cheap, even for students. In the menu you'll find traditional Soviet canteen meals.

Average bill is ~700 rubles.
Other places
Market Place
13 build 3, Myasnitskaya st., tel.: +7 929 573 73 77, Open Sun-Tue 8-23, Fr-Sat: 8-01

Marketplace is a democratic restaurant with а lively atmosphere of a European market. There are no waiters, the kitchen is open, the space is divided between so called 'stations' - "Salad bar", "Pasta", "Grill", "Wok", "Bar". It worths saying about the scheme of payment: at the entrance you'll be given a card, which you put onto a special electronic chips at every station after you make an order. When leaving the restaurant, pass your card to a cashier and pay for your meals.

Average bill is ~700 rubles.
The address and opening hours are here

Literally, "Farsh" is a paradise for a hipster's stomach. The prices are below the average in comparison with other diners and start from 250 rubles. There are nine types of burgers in the menu, from a classic hamburger and a cheeseburger to a special "Bryansk fellow" with a mushroom stew or "Father Butcher" of a significant size. The owners are especially proud of buns - the dough contains potatoes and one more very special ingredient.

Average bill is ~700 rubles.
62, 1-ya Brestskaya st., tel.: +7 (499) 251-13-83, Open 24x7

As any respectable café, SOUP offers wide variety of dishes for any taste – for vegetarians, meat lovers, dessert fans or spicy meal eaters. But anyway the king of kings here is a SOUP! In the menu 44 kinds of soups (also sweet ones!) priced 80-260 Rur for 300 ml portion. There is also bruschetta (Rur 161), salads (Rur 224-530), pasta (Rur 350-620), main dishes (Rur 323-692). Chef will do porridges, pancakes and omelettes (Rur 107-395).

Average bill is ~700-1500 rubles.
Market "Danilovsky"
74, Mytnaya st., Open Mon-Sat 8-19, Sun 8-18.

The name of this oldest trade square in Moscow was given by the name of Danilovsky monastery situated nearby in ХIII-ХIV centuries. The sale of fresh and diverse products is the basis of the Danilovsky market, supplemented by culinary master classes and cafes, seasonal fairs and gastronomic festivals. Today, you can not only buy products from different regions of Russia and CIS countries, but also have lunch at cafes located along the perimeter of the market.
12 build 2, Chistoprudny blvd, tel .: +7 495 621 77 19; 5/6, Tverskaya str, tel .: +7 495 629 28 02, Open: Mon-Sat 10-23, Sun 12-23

Cafe "Avocado" is a universal place for vegetarians, vegans and raw food lovers with international cuisine. Recipes for the menu are collected from around the world. The menu is takes into consideration seasonality of the products - fruits and vegetables, as well as the wishes of guests. In the evenings, live music is played here.

Average bill is ~1000 rubles.
5/7 build 9b/20, Nizhnaya Syromyatnicheskaya st, the territory of "Artplay Design Center", tel.: +7 (925) 190-50-78. Open 10-22

On the territory of "Artplay Design Center" there's a vegetarian cafe "Fruits and veges". This is a small space with a minimalistic and functional interior and own greenhouse on the roof. Food is prepared without the use of products of animal origin, focusing on the culinary traditions of different peoples of the world. The owners of the institution also organize lectures on the protection of the environment.

Average bill is ~1000 rubles.
Loving Hut
4/2c1, Maroseika st, 2nd floor, tel .: +7 968 931 79 07, Open: 12-22

Loving hut is an international network of vegan cafes and restaurants, united by the principles of ethical and healthy nutrition. All dishes here are 100% vegan, which means that you will not find a single product of animal origin, including honey. They prepare delicious and healthy plant foods without the use of genetically modified products, flavor enhancers and artificial colors.

Average bill is ~1000 rubles.
Addresses and opening hours can be found on the site

Restaurant-cafe "Jagannat" is a place for those who prefer vegetarian cuisine, oriental interiors and spicy Mexican, Chinese, European and Indian dishes. In the restaurant you will be offered a lot of great dishes - for example - spinach, dressed with cheese and cream sauce, "Shak-panir", bean spicy soup "Dal", classic paella, stewed vegetables with cheese "Sabji", dumplings with vegetarian stuffing, and much more.

Average bill is 700 rubles.
Going out
Karaoke "Bowie"
16, Myasnitskaya st., tel.: +7 925 596 5119. Open 19-5, except Mon

A place with an unusual concept for Moscow: there are no Russian songs in the music menu, admission is free, there is no need to pay for performance either. Among regular visitors, there are many alternative young people and people who take their vocal data very seriously. The combination of these factors makes "Bowie" a fun place even for those who are not at all tuned to go to the microphone.

Average bill is ~700-1500 rubles.
“Ryumochnaya in Zyuzino"
21 build 3, Bolotnikovskaya st., tel.: +7 499 317 55 01. Open 12-24

A unique example of Moscow club place in a sleeping area, which managed to become famous for the whole city. And not so much due to low prices for food and drinks ("ryumochnaya", as the name suggests, is primarily a place for drinking), so much at the expense of a rich cultural program. In this very place where author concerts are held (they have to be paid for separately), art exhibitions are organized and the audience from drinking Moscow intelligentsia gathers.

Average bill is ~700 rubles.
Cafe 317
1/2, Glubokiy side-st., tel.: +7-495-605-1997. Open 11-23

The fashionable cafe of the early 2000s has successfully survived to the present day, but has turned into a quiet place for local residents and habitués of the local bar. "317" is famous for its good cocktails, which here are below the average. The bonus is a view on the White House (the house of the Russian government) and the neighborhood with a reconstructed Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, where you can continue the holiday by buying drinks in a store that is in the same house as the cafe.

Average bill is ~700-1500 rubles.
23/12, Tverskaya st., tel .: +7-903-136-7686. Open 8-3 (from Thursday to Saturday until 6 am).

The bar is situated in the middle of Tverskaya street with good, although not the cheapest cocktails, a small menu, breakfasts and DJs. Among the latter there are not only professionals, but also representatives of drinking Moscow intelligentsia. Dances are included.

Average bill is ~1500-2000 rubles.
Izmailovsky Palace
73 Gz, Izmailovskoye highway. Open 10-20.

The Kremlin in Izmaylovo, of course, does not have such a history and state significance, like the Kremlin in the center of Moscow. It was built relatively recently - in 1998-2007. But here you can really feel the atmosphere of tsarist Russia, which it was several centuries ago. The Izmailovo Kremlin was built according to the drawings of the royal residence of the XVI-XVII centuries. It is surrounded by wooden and stone walls with beautiful, tiled towers. The entrance between two towers is preceded by the bridge. On the territory of the Izmailovo Kremlin there is a museum of the history of vodka, a museum of a Russian costume and a museum of a Russian toy. "The Vernissage" in Izmaylovo, which is opened on weekends, worths mentioning especially. Here, in wooden shops made in the best traditions of Russian architecture, you can buy weapons of the times of the Great Patriotic War, ancient royal and Soviet coins and other things of a century and half a century ago.
119, Prospect Mira avenue, tel.: +7-495-544-3400.

The giant park, designed to demonstrate the achievements of Soviet economy, was opened in 1939. Initially, it was assumed that the exhibition will work only 100 days, but during the process of building its life was extended to 5 years. Despite a temporary nature, the exhibition pavilions were created with monumental scope, so after the end of the Second World War, the abandoned exhibition was decided to revive. In Soviet years, part of the pavilions was reserved for demonstration of domestic animals - pigs, sheep, horses, etc. - others, like "Cosmos" pavilion, reflected the scientific and technical power of the USSR. There were also pavilions dedicated to each of the 15 Soviet republics, in the architecture of which national motives were used. Now VDNH is experiencing a renaissance and fulfills the role of a large city park with exhibitions, a winter skating rink, a city farm and at the same time remains an architectural preserve of the Soviet era.
The old city of Moscow
16/16, Pokrovsky blvd.

In Moscow, there is no an old center as a historical reserve with a bunch of tourists and souvenir shops. The concept of a center among Muscovites also varies. But if we talk about an old and at the same time relatively untouched part of the city, this is primarily the area bounded by the Boulevard Ring, Solyanka and Myasnitskaya streets - an intricate network of alleys with old buildings and many old churches. You can start with the Khokhlovskaya area, where last summer an amphitheater appeared, in the depth of which there is a fragment of the wall of the White City - the fortress wall, built in the late 16th century and serving as Moscow's border.
Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery
28/2, Petrovka str., phone: +7 495 9424. It is open daily from 7 to 19.

A proper place to get acquainted with ancient Russian architecture and Orthodox life. The monastery was founded at this place in the 14th century, and the oldest building on its territory was built by the Italian architect Aloisio da Carezano, who became famous in Russia under the name of Aleviz Fryazin. In the Soviet years the monastery was closed and now there are just over ten monks living in it, including the monk Macary, who regularly describes the monastic life in the @bogdansem instagram. On the territory of the monastery there are guided tours that help to understand the essence of monastic lifу. The refectory works here, and recently a café opened its doors.
Moscow Metro
The stations of the Moscow Metro, so-called "underground palaces of Moscow", are famous for magnificence of vestibules and underground halls. Underground complexes are decorated with statues and reliefs, monumental and decorative compositions (paintings, mosaics and stained glass) of the country's leading artists. The system consists of 13 lines with a total length of 349.6 km. There are 207 stations in the Moscow Metro, 44 of which are recognized as objects of cultural heritage, and more than 40 are monuments of architecture. “Mayakovskaya" station, “Ploshchad Revolyutsii" with 76 bronze sculptures by M.G.Manizer, “Kropotkinskaya", “Komsomolskaya" (ring line) with mosaics by P.D. Korin, "Novoslobodskaya" and others belong to the most interesting monuments of architecture of 1930-1950. New metro stations are characterized by simplicity and strictness of design. Watch this video about the Moscow Metro.
Krymskaya and Yakimanskaya embankments
Until recently, the Krymskaya embankment was a rather nondescript street between the Art Museum "Museon" and the river Moscow, but everything changed on September 30, 2013, when the official opening of the renovated embankment was held after massive reconstruction. Instead of a roadway, now, it is a modern and well-equipped pedestrian zone, which has all chances to be called the most cozy and romantic corner of Moscow. Reconstruction of the Krymskaya embankment is one of the most successful projects of transformation of city spaces, which has ever been done in Moscow. In 2017 the Yakimanskaya embankment became completely pedestrian. Thus, the Muscovites get access to a wast walking space, which forms the Yakimanskaya and the Krymskaya embankments.
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