More than 50 speakers from more than 20 countries will present at the 6th Winter Cycling Congress.
Robert Thaler
Vienna, Austria
Head of Division Mobility, Transport, Noise in the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism

Master of civil engineering/transport planning and transport economics and lecturer at the University of Technology Vienna. Leading role in international and national negotiations, development and implementation of strategies, programs, declarations, guidelines and conferences in the field of transport, health and environment, e.g: Vice Chair of UNECE/WHO Transport Health Environment Pan European Programme THE PEP, THE PEP Partnership on Cycling Promotion, President of EU Platform on Mobility Management EPOMM, Chair of European Environment Health Task Force Strategic coordination of national programs for environmentally friendly mobility, e.g.: Austrian national klimaaktiv mobil financial support program for climate friendly mobility management, e-mobility, cycling promotion, innovative mobility services for companies, cities and regions, tourism, schools, youth groups, Masterplan Cycling and Masterplan Walking, EcoDriving Initiative, Austrian Action Package to promote E-Mobility with renewable energy jointly with Ministry of Transport and vehicle importers
Ewa & Roland Kloss
Graz, Austria
Founders of Crossover — cyclists create cities for people

Ewa Kloss was born in Siedlce, Poland. Roland Kloss was born in Linz, Austria. Ewa and Roland got to know each other at studying Urban Planning at the Technical University of Vienna. Their passion for cycling led into the foundation of the NGO Crossover — cyclists create cities for people to promote urban cycling. They carried out a campaign for bicycle-friendly urban development in 14 countries in Europe. As a symbol of communication between bottom-up and top-down levels they made 30 mayors ride their bamboo tandem together with citizens in one direction and asked them: How do you get people on bikes? What is the future of urban mobility? After the big tandem crossover tour 2016 they settled in Graz/Austria, where they advocate for bicycle-friendly urban development and run the crossover network.
Martin Eder
Vienna, Austria
National Cycling Officer at the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism

Martin Eder studied Regional and Town Planning at Vienna University of Technology and worked after his master degree as a transport planner at Austrian Postbus, IPE –iC Consulenten and Siemens Austria. Since 2008 he is coordinating as National Cycling Officer at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism the development and implementation of the Austrian Masterplan Cycling, which aims to increase the national cycling share form 7% to 13% until 2025. He is also involved in the development of the Pan-European Masterplan Cycling under the umbrella of UNECE/WHO Transport, Health, Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP).
Werner Madlencnik
Schladming, Austria
Owner of Easy Drivers Radfahrschule / Cycling school, Co-Founder at Alpine Fatbike

EASY DRIVERS Cycling School is Austria's largest service provider for bike courses. Each year, Easy Drivers Cycling School coaches over 300 schools from all over Austria and qualifies certified cycling teachers. More than 40,000 graduates already successfully completed Easy Drivers Cycling School's courses. Founder of Easy Drivers Cycling School, Werner Madlencnik is state certified Trainer for several Sports (Fitness, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding) and Mountain Bike – Instructor. Has been teaching in the Federal College of Education (PHST) and Federal Physical Education College (BSPA) teaching bicycle Safety to school teachers, Bicycle Instructors and Touristic Mountainbike and Fatbike Guides for many years.
Belarus, Belgium
Anastasya Yanchevskaya
Minsk, Belarus
Director of a non-government organization "Minsk cycling community"

Having a background in communications and design she engaged herself with PR and event spheres and management. In 2014 Anastasya started working as a communications specialist for "Minsk cycling community", where took the position of its director by 2016. During that period she organized more than 50 city cycling events. Among them were Minsk bicycle parade "VivаRovar!" and European mobility week. These events became the best city holidays back then. Now she's working under the creation of "Informal network of Belarus cycling communities". Designed a cycling guide "Eurovelo-2".
Svetlana Korol (Droguntsova)
Gomel, Belarus
Chairman of the public movement Velo Gomel

As a music teacher, she worked as an organizer for more than 20 years in a secondary school. After retiring, she learned to ride a bicycle and found the application for her organizational skills, knowledge of the bicycle movement. She created and successfully developed a non-commercial project "VELO-family", which unites families, where the bicycling is the main hobby and a means of transport. Her goal is the registration of a public association of bicyclists of Gomel for more effective promotion of the idea of using a bicycle as a family all-season transport. A passionate fan of the bicycle, she uses a bicycle as the main means of transport everyday.
Adam Bodor
Brussels, Belgium
Advocacy and EuroVelo Director at European Cyclists' Federation

He holds master degree in geography and economics, worked earlier as the managing director of an industrial park, project manager on the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His cycling career started as the board member of ECF in 2004 and he was the first "ministerial commissioner responsible for cycling" in Hungary from 2005 to 2010. He coordinated the preparation and implementation of the first national cycling strategy of Hungary for the 2007-2013 period which served as a basis to allocate 180 million Euros to construct 2000 km new cycling infrastructure, the first national standard and the GIS based monitoring system of cycling infrastructure, introduce a more cycling friendly highway code, start cycle training for kids, bike to work campaign and cycling friendly cities, employers schemes. Since working for ECF he reorganized the management of EuroVelo, the European Cycle route network, coordinates the advocacy work of ECF and the EU cycling strategy.
Tom Babin
Alberta, Canada
Author and journalist

Has written about cycling for the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, the Globe and Mail, among others. He blogs about cycling at shifter.info, and is the author of Frostbike: The Joy, Pain and Numbness of Winter Cycling.

Blanka Bracic
Calgary, Canada
Senior Transportation Engineer for the City of Calgary

After 10 years of developing walking and cycling policy, projects and programs as a transportation engineer at The City of Calgary, Canada, Blanka Bracic completed a two-year urban planning degree in Stockholm and Amsterdam in 2017. Her goal is to increase people's quality of life by offering everyday urban transportation options such as easy, safe, normal and fun walking and cycling. A recent achievement for Bracic was leading the three-year planning of Calgary's 5.5km downtown cycle track pilot network through political approvals that ended in 2014. She created the monitoring and evaluation program for the pilot project, which was made permanent in December 2016. Bracic knows that the institutional change needed to shift culture toward year-round walking and cycling in cities with low participation is not easy. This process can be slow as well as long-lasting, impactful and rewarding.

Bartek Komorowski
Montreal, Canada
Project Leader — Research and Consulting at Vélo Québec

Bartek is a Project Leader in the Research Department at Vélo Québec, one of the world's largest bicycle advocacy organizations. He works with municipalities and government agencies on cycling network master planning and infrastructure design projects. He has a particular interest in design and maintenances practices for enabling year-round active mobility in cold climates and is a Winter Cycling Federation board member. Bartek holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning from McGill University. He lives in Montreal's Villeray District and is a year-round bicycle commuter.

Katherine Glowacz
Calgary, Canada
Active Transportation Planner at the City of Calgary

Katherine Glowacz joined The City of Calgary in 2013. In her current role as an Active Transportation Planner she implemented the evaluation and monitoring program for Calgary's cycle track network and continues to coordinate improvements and connections to the network. Previously as an Active Transportation Education planner she developed education and encouragement initiatives that help Calgarians understand new cycling infrastructure and promoted year-round cycling as a great transportation choice. Katherine grew up in Ontario and studied Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University. In her spare time she enjoys cycling around Calgary, hiking and spending time with her dog Juno.

Glenn Kubish
Edmonton, Canada
Director of Communications, City of Edmonton

Glenn is a year-round bicycle commuter. At previous Winter Cycling Congresses in Minneapolis and Montreal, he did Pecha Kucha presentations on why he put coloured lights on his bike, why he takes part in the Coffee Outside movement and why Leonard Cohen is the patron saint of winter bicycle riders. Previously, he worked in newspaper and television journalism. He has two degrees from the University of Alberta. He is married to Shelagh, and they have raised two sons.

Janet Joy Wilson
Toronto, Canada
The Reading Line BOOK RIDE Co-founder, Cycle Toronto W13 Bikes Co-captain

Janet Joy Wilson is a cycling advocate and a book lover. Combining her two passions she co-founded The Reading Line, a series of "book rides" aimed at raising awareness of bicycle routes in need of infrastructure improvements through the lens of literature. Additionally she is co-captain of Cycle Toronto's W13 Bicycle Group volunteering to engage local politicians to amplify "safe streets for all" message in Toronto. During the day, she is Senior Executive Sales Director and Sustainability Team Director at Penguin Random House Canada. She chooses active transportation year round to her office 14 km away from her home and is known for her photos on instagram tagged #LoveMyCommute.

Marie-Hélène Roch
Montreal, Canada
Master's Student in Urban Studies at the Urbanisation Culture Société Research Centre (INRS)

Having a background in communication and design, Marie-Hélène currently pursuing a master's degree in urban studies. She participated also to the organization of the event NORDICITÉ 2016 (symposium and interuniversity design competition) that allowed her to take part in Arctic Design Week 2016 in Rovaniemi, Finland. Her research interests revolve around winter cities, active mobility, and 4-season urban design initiatives to maximize the viability and sustainability of local communities in a northern context. Her aspirations are to mobilize her knowledge through documentaries and multiplatforms projects to enrich the reflection on these themes.
Anders Swanson
Winnipeg, Canada
Secretary of the Winter Cycling Federation, Executive Director at the Winnipeg Trails Association

Anders is a sustainable transportation consultant and artist. He led the development of BikeWalkRoll and Counterpoint to help the world collect often overlooked data in transportation. He directed the 2nd Winter Cycling Congress in 2014. As ED of Winnipeg Trails, he leads a team of surveyors and along with the University of Manitoba runs the Mode Shift Project aiming to prove the link between bicycle infrastructure and Type II diabetes. As Chair of Canada's national cycling advocacy organization Vélo Canada Bikes, he is working toward an active transportation strategy and cycling infrastructure fund for Canada. Together with his brother Torrin and people around the world, he makes sure international Winter Bike to Work Day happens every year.

Darren Proulx
Montreal, Canada
Founder and Managing Principal — Slow Streets

Registered Canadian Planning Engineer (P.Eng) with over 8 years combined experience in active transportation, transit planning, public space placemaking and project engineering. Darren is the Founder and Managing Principal of Slow Streets, a street and public space behavioural observation transportation design consultancy. Using data on people's actual behaviours Darren proposes design changes to improve the safety, comfort for people walking, cycling and using transit. These design changes also improve placemaking and local retail business economic success.

Cathy Watts
Saskatoon, Canada
Chairperson at the Saskatoon Cycles

After working as a physiotherapist for many years trying to get patients as mobile and independent as possible Cathy has focused on getting the whole city healthier through advocacy work in cycling. Now "rewired" to promote safe cycling for all ages and abilities her grandchildren are also included in her motivation for this work.Her bike is an agent of social change. Travels near and far on her bike with her husband have been her passion. Attendance at cycling conferences in many countries have provided a world view of these changing times.

Felipe Gomez
Saskatoon, Canada
Musician, author of Bike and Bass Tour

An award winning musician, adventurer and public speaker. He decided to take the "touring musician " or "troubadour" concept to a whole new level, cycling across Canada with his 6 string bass and amp. The Bike and Bass Tour is, a trans-global adventure involving a bicycle, a bass, and the desire to inspire people, especially students to explore the outdoors, and embrace the incredible diversity of cultures, landscapes, art, and wildlife that Canada has to offer. The ultimate goal of the Bike and Bass Tour is to inspire others to find confidence in themselves to help them realize their own potential, and to encourage them to make a contribution to their own communities.

Jamie Hilland
Winnipeg, Canada
Sustainable Transportation Planner at Urban System
China, Denmark, Dominicana
Florian Bohnert
Shanghai, China
Head of Global Partnerships and Government Affairs in Mobike

As the first foreigner in Mobike (employee #37), he internationalized the company by personally launching the service in Singapore, creating partnerships with international brands and opening up markets outside of China, recruiting brilliant talents to fuel Mobike's growth & laying out the foundation for international growth. He graduated with a Post-Master in International Energy Management from Beijing's Tsinghua University & Ecole des Mines de Paris, as well as a Master of Eco-design & Sustainable Transports from ESTACA; he is also an INSEAD EMBA candidate.

Morten Kabell
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mayor of technical and environmental affairs in Copenhagen from 2014 till 2018

He was member of Copenhagen City Council since 1998. Kabell's focus was on promoting green and active transport modes. Under his term as mayor, Copenhagen for the first time saw more bicycles than cars cross the city center, and an amazing 62% of Copenhageners commute daily by bike. From 2018 Kabell has taken a post as COO of Copenhagenize Design Company. Copenhagenize and Kabell believes that the positive examples from Copenhagen can be used in cities around the world in obtaining life-sized cities and liveability. Besides politics and bicycles, Kabell reads science fiction and counterfactual history, is an avid foodie and loves to travel with his partner.

Richard Moreta
Architect, City Planner from the Design World
Timo Perälä
Oulu, Finland
Winter Cycling Federation, President

Martti Tulenheimo
Helsinki, Finland
Chief Specialist at the Finnish Cyclists' Federation

He has a passion for year-round cycling and has worked in campaigning in Helsinki and Brussels promoting new urban mobility and bicycling in particular. Martti has first-hand knowledge of winter cycling promotion and communication as the manager of the Finnish Cyclists' Federation's #CyclingWinter campaign. He has previously worked for the Finnish Parliament in Helsinki, the European Cyclists' Federation in Brussels and with several European bike-sharing companies.

Anette Korkiakangas
Turku, Finland
Project Worker for the City of Turku (CIVITAS ECCENTRIC)

Anette is a project worker at the City of Turku. The international EU-funded CIVITAS ECCENTRIC project develop smart mobility. Her duties include promoting walking and cycling round a year, concentrating on winter cycling. She is writing her Master's Thesis on the subject "The development of the Winter Cycling Test Route to Turku" and will graduate from the Tampere University of Technology in the beginning of the year. Outside the office, volleyball and archipelago life are especially near her heart.
Pekka Tahkola
Oulu, Finland
Vice president of the Winter Cycling Federation

Be it cause or consequence, he resides in the winter cycling capital of the world: Oulu, Northern Finland. Located almost at the Arctic Circle, the city enjoys long, snowy, harsh winters, which, even though you might think the opposite, when paired with good maintenance make winter cycling just a normal everyday activity in the city. Apart from bicycles, he has a huge interest in transportation history, vintage pianos, adventures of all sorts, and ice cream. His main areas of expertise are about how walking and cycling can make our transport system work more efficiently, how they can improve our lives, health and economy, and all in all make our communities of better quality.

Matti Koistinen
Executive Director at the Finnish Cyclists' Federation

Matti Koistinen presents all the Finns who cycle. And Finns do cycle a lot — even in the winter: over 10 % of the population tell they do cycle all year round at least once a week. Matti Koistinen was in a key role founding the Finnish Cyclists' Federation in 2014 and he has been working in FCF since then.

Sanna Ojajärvi
Helsinki, Finland
Project leader in the Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities

In her work, she encourages school children and teachers on their bikes: cycling to school and during the school day result to happy, well-concentrated and ready-to-learn pupils and teachers. Besides cycling advocacy, her special interest areas — workwise — are communication and networks, social sciences and questions of equality. She enjoys year-round cycling on urban streets as well as on trails.
Christophe Najdovski
Paris, France
Deputy mayor of Paris in charge of transports and public space

Graduated from the University Pantheon-Sorbonne with a Master in environmental economics. He started his career as a high school teacher of economics and social politics in Paris and its area. In 1993, Christophe Najdovski joined the green party "Les Verts". In 2001, he was elected at the Paris City Council and named deputy mayor in charge of transports of Paris 12th district. Re-elected in 2008, Christophe Najdovski became deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of childhood policy. In April 2014, Anne Hidalgo, new mayor of Paris, appointed him as deputy mayor in charge of transports and public space. His 4 main goals for the term of his mandate are: to reduce atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, to promote a better mobility for everyone, regardless of age or social condition, to restore the passage of the Seine riverside and the canals banks, and to give back the public space to pedestrians and cyclists.

Sylvie Banoun
Paris, France
National Walking and Cycling Officer

56 years old, 2 children, High ranked civil servant since 1999 with very diverse professional background. Currently National Walking and Cycling Officer (Interministerial Delegate for Walking and Cycling) in France. The function is attached to the Ministry for Environment, Energy and the Sea, also in charge of Transport.
Pete Dunsmoir
Lannion, France
Export Manager at Eco Counter

Pete Dunsmoir graduated from the British Business School of London. After various work experiences in England, Pete settled in France in 1989. His career is strongly oriented towards technology and services for pedestrian and cyclist monitoring, and has worked on various high-profile projects in the sector, including automatic identification and barcodes at international airports, ticketing solutions for event management and bicycle-pedestrian counters for parks and cities across around the world.
Burkhard Stork
Berlin, Germany
National director of the German Cyclists' Association ADFC

The ADFC is the world largest association for cycling advocacy — with more than 165,000 members. The ADFC promotes bicycle use in all societal areas such as individual transport, logistics and tourism. Burkhard Stork is one of the leading advocates for urban cycling — promoting safe and attractive bike infrastructure for all at the national and international level. Stork is married, a father of three and lives with his family in Berlin.

Stephanie Krone
Berlin, Germany
Spokesperson of the German Cyclists' Association (ADFC)

Before, she's been working as a Journalist, Public and Investor Relations-Consultant for Hightech-Startups and Press Officer at the National Headquarters of the German Red Cross. As the Voice of the Cyclists in Germany, Stephanie encounters huge Media Attention — which is still not always leading to improvements for cyclists on the streets. So her aim is to create projects and plugs, that reveal the political relevance of cycling — as the gold standard for transport in sustainable, liveable cities. Besides bikes and news, Stephanie loves family sailing, travelling and books.

Vincenzo Trevisan
Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
Sustainable mobility consultant at Verkehr mit Köpfchen and cycling enthusiast

As an economic geographer Vincenzo focuses on the implementation of sustainable mobility management for regional development. He studied at the University of Frankfurt am Main and Oulu and worked on the "Cities, Climate & Transport" Program in the ASEAN-Region and the Interreg-NWE "CHIPS" project. For him, cycling within urban areas and huge employment poles offers a recognizable potential to understand sustainable mobility as an integrated part of value chain management and business development. During the last two years, Vincenzo worked on increasing the share of cyclists among the 80.000 employees of the Frankfurt Airport.
Dr Diana Huster
Berlin, Germany
Head of the National Cycling Plan Project Group at Cycling Division at Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Anna Gering
Heidelberg, Germany
Traffic planner at Verkehr mit Köpfchen

For three years she works as a traffic planner for sustainable mobility. The main focus work is on mobility management for schools and families with a baby. She does also planning for pedestrian traffic and cycling. The main project she works on is "Cycling during pregnancy and with a baby". The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure using resources for the implementation of the National Cycling Plan 2020. Before started working she did bachelor's degree in landscape architecture with the focus on open space planning and a following master program in environmental management and city planning in urban areas with the focus on traffic planning. One year she did abroad volunteer work in Durban, South Africa, in landscape architecture and project management.
Michael Cramer
Member of the European Parliament (EP), Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, ex. chairman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN)

Since 2004 Michael Cramer is a Member of the European Parliament (EP), working mainly on EU transport policy. After ten years as transport policy spokesperson for the Greengroup, he was elected chairman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) in July 2014 and worked in this function until 2017. Between 1989 and 2004 Michael Cramer was a member of the Berlin regional parliament and served as spokesman for transport of the Green group. He is also a Member of the EP's delegation to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and chairs the parliamentary platform "Rail Forum Europe". As a Member of the European Parliament, Michael Cramer has initiated the project "Iron Curtain Trail". This project transfers the concept of a "bike ride through history" from the "Berlin Wall Trail" to the European level. Mr Cramer holds a magister's degree in education, music and physical education and worked as a secondary-school teacher in the Neukölln district of Berlin from 1975-1995.

Jonas Eberlein
Moscow, Russia / Erlangen, Germany
Cycling advocate

Jonas a cycling advocate and an ardent cyclist commuter and traveler. When Jonas Eberlein moved to Moscow to work in education, he had a hard time commuting in the Russian capital as a pedestrian and public transport user despite the fantastic service Moscow Metro system is providing 365 days a year. Having profited from the city reconstructions in the 2010's, he decided to bring his bicycle to Moscow. After an extended bicycle tour through central and eastern Europe and the Baltics, he has been asked to give speeches and hold presentations on cycling in Russia and thus participated in numerous cyclists' events ever since.
Uwe Petry
Darmstadt, Germany
Director at Planungsbüro VAR+

Uwe Petry started his mobility career as a driving instructor in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1987. After a short while he realized that traffic needs a big change and he has got the mission to humanize the traffic. After studying "Civil Engineering" from 1989 to 1995 he completed his degree with a diploma in presenting a new cycling network including commuter traffic. He won an award for "contribution for a social, fair, sustainable and environmentally aware society action". He worked five years as a cycling planner for a region with over 300.000 inhabitants. In the year 2000 he started up a business and opened his company "VAR+ Traffic alternative. Bike plus Pedestrian" where he puts cycling dreams into action.
Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mongolia
Alexander Gabchenko
Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Founder of the Cycling adventures club

Authoritative bike enthusiast from Alma-Ata, the author of a popular outdoor blog gabchenko.kz, mountain and a cycling guide, bike traveller who takes part in different expeditions during more than 15 years.
Oļegs Stoļarovs
Riga, Latvia
Board member in SIA "Velokurjers", Chairman of board in "Latvian Center of cycling information"

Oļegs Stoļarovs, the founder of the club Velogruppa (est. 1991), became the first Latvian delegate in the European Cycling Federation. The club was organizing bicycle actions against narcotics and alcohol in children's camps. Later, the club changed its activities to the development of bike routes and consequently changed its name to The Center of Cycle Information in Latvia. The Club also consulted those who designed programmes for bicycle infrastructure and information development. In 1997 Oļegs created the first bicycle courier company in Latvia SIA "Velokurjers", the biggest and the fastest courier company in Riga. In 2010 Oļegs initiated the creation of the Latvian Union of Cyclists, which gathers together more than 20 organizations and represent bicycle community on the political level.
Khadbaatar Radnaa
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Vice President of the Mongolian Bike, international bike tour association

He is an "Iceman". Khadbaatar Radnaa was born on the shore of Lake Khuvsgul (mother of Lake Baikal). Winter time is -40°C, summertime is +15°C. His father was sled horse transporter from the Russian border to Mongolia on the frozen ice, during socialist period. Now Khadbaatar Radnaa lives in the coldest capital city, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He is promoting cycling round a year concentrating on winter cycling. He is trying to develop cycling tourism in Mongolia. He is thinking of cycling tourism as an environment-friendly transport model. He is an organizer of a cross-border cycling event in Mongolia supported by a railway service. He is a journalist, photographer, child writer, lawyer, bikeguide, bike activist, and a good father.
The Netherlands
Angela van der Kloof
The Netherlands
Senior consultant and cycling expert for Mobycon, an international consultancy based in the Netherlands and Canada

Working in sustainable mobility for over 20 years. As a geographer, educator and specialist in adult learning, Angela specializes in cycling, traffic safety and education. Angela's passion is challenging and supporting people to think differently. Working within the Netherlands and abroad, Angela has continued to inspire innovation in bicycle policy and planning. She has also developed programs for schools, children and refugees in cycling, traffic safety and public transit. Internationally, Angela has worked with women's groups in Europe and Latin America to set up cycling schools. In her consulting work Angela also delivers workshops, lectures and trainings to citymakers (policy makers, planners, local consultants, advocates), mainly in Europe and North-America.

Peter Biczok
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Transport and City Planner, founder of Bicyclize

Growing up in Moscow and Budapest Peter "Bici" Biczok has been developing critical views on urban mobility since the early 1990's. Working and studying later in different European cities (Vienna, Lyon, London) he analysed best practises in urban mobility while actually using them daily. It was actually in Moscow in 2012 that he decided to focus full time on disseminating ideas and implementing the best practises in less progressive areas. He has been working with the European Commission on improving financial incentives for sustainable transport since 2013 and has consulted on transport planning and design in Southern and Eastern European cities since 2015. He also works part-time with the road traffic data analytics team, Fileradar in Amsterdam.

Prof. dr. Marjan Hagenzieker
Leiden, the Netherlands
Full professor for traffic safety at the Technical University of Delft

Prof Dr. Marjan Hagenzieker is a behavioural scientist and obtained a PhD at Leiden University on research into the effects of rewards for safe traffic behaviour. Smart cars, complicated traffic situations and road user behaviour are topics she carries out research on. In 2014, Marjan Hagenzieker was appointed Professor of Road Safety at the Delft University of Technology.
Eric van Dijk

Utrecht, the Netherlands
Policy advisor for cycling traffic in the Province of Utrecht

Eric van Dijk works at provincie Utrecht, the Netherlands' middle level of government, which spans 144,915 hectares and consists of 26 municipalities with a joint population of 1,200,000. His background is in traffic and transport related urban planning with a focus on policy- and data analysis. Currently Eric is working as a member of the bicycle policies team and is contributing to the development and application of new methods and techniques to improve (rider)safety, traffic flow and bicycle use. This includes working in co-operation with municipalities and other parties on themes like dynamic traffic information for cyclists, early detection at traffic lights and new methods for safe use of the (high speed) electric bicycle.
Norway, Poland
Mathis Dahl Fenre
Trondheim, Norway
Research Assistant at Winter Maintenance Research Centre at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Mathis Dahl Fenre is a Research Assistant in the Winter Maintenance Research group at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (IBM) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), in Trondheim, Norway. He has been in this position since April, 2016. Mathis graduated from NTNU in February 2016 with a master of science in mechanical engineering with the thesis titled "Development of a Linear Tribometer" where he made a device for measuring gliding friction between skis/rubber and snow/ice. In April 2018, Mathis will start a PhD at NTNU with the working title "Quantification of Quality of Pedestrian- and Bicycle Ways in the Winter".
Artur Tondera
Warsaw, Poland
Head of Department for Sustainable Mobility in Municipal Road Authority

Current tasks include cycling infrastructure development, management of the public bicycle system, infrastructure maintenance and other activities connected to cycling. Previously worked in the Public Transport Authority in Warsaw. MA in Public Policy and Administration.
Nikolay Asaul
Moscow, Russia
Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
Darya Tabachnikova
St. Petersburg, Russia
Advisor of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg

An economist, an urban planner. Since 2012 she's been involved in projects concerning development of bicycle infrastructure.
Ayrat Khayrullin
Almetyevsk, Russia
Mayor of the city of Almetyevsk

Olga Maltseva
Moscow, Russia
Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, Head of the Projects
Evgeny Glagolew
Belgorod, Russia
Deputy Governor of Belgorod Oblast'. Head of the development and transport department of Belgorod Oblast'
Vladimir Kumov
Moscow, Russia
Leader of the Let's bike it! project, advisor of the Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia

After graduation he took up several managing posts in journalism and PR. In 2010 he founded the Russian urban cycling advocacy project Let's bike it!. The main goal of the project is to promote bicycle as a mean of transportation as well as to create and to improve a reliable bicycle infrastructure in Russian cities. He initiated and co-organized Moscow Bicycle Parade, National Bike to Work Day, Moscow International Cycling Congress and several other events. In September 2015 he got an appointment of the advisor of the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation on a voluntary basis.

Stanislav Ivanov
St. Petersburg, Russia
International expansion analyst at Mobike

An expert in development of cycling infrastructure and an employee of Mobike international development team. He carried out a public campaign, which resulted in building the first bike lane in the center of St. Petersburg. He worked in the Administration of St. Petersburg on the development of bicycle infrastructure; specializes in capacity assessment and planning of urban cycling development. Moves around the city by bicycle since 2007.

Olga Yakimenko
St. Petersburg, Russia
Green Mobility Project Coordinator, ICSER Leontief Centre

Within the framework of the Green Mobility: Towards Healthy, Safe and Accessible Environment Project a Cycling Infrastructure Development Guide (author: Pablo Celis, cycling infrastructure engineer of the Aarhus city) has been translated from the Danish language and a Green Mobility Award has been launched. At the moment, jointly with the Administration of Pskov, GM is taking an active part in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program Project "Cities Multimodal", which is now focused on creating the first in Russia SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) for the city of Pskov and Guidelines for the multimodal quarters development.
Andrey Kostyuchenko
St. Petersburg, Russia
GreenMobility project expert, chief project engineer of CJSC "Petersburg's NIPIgrad"

Since 2009 he's been a transport engineer. In 2010 he became a member of the authors of the conference on the transformation of urban spaces. An organizer of more than 200 conferences, seminars and round-table discussions on urban development. In 2011 started working as IT director of "National Guild of Urban Developers". Took part in more than 80 design and research projects. An expert in transport research, as well as an expert of the project "Eco-mobility: creating an accessible and safe environment GreenMobility".
Natalia Agre
Moscow, Russia
President of the non-governmental organization Road Safety Russia

In 2007 Natalia Agre established and headed a non-government organisation Road Safety Russia. She started advocating actively for safer roads in Russia in cooperation with the General Administration for Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Today, Road Safety Russia organizes large-scale campaigns aimed at formation of culture of driving, creation of safer streets, boosting sense of responsibility among drivers and pedestrians. Children transportation and safety questions take an individual place in an organisation's agenda. Every project covers at least 10 regions of Russia.
Anna Amvrosova
Moscow, Russia
City analyst and project manager at Habidatum

Has a master's degree in city planning with a focus on data analytics and tridimensional analysis. In Habidatum conducts projects on the study of urban mobility and master planning of territories - the development of concepts for sites for the renovation of housing in Moscow is one of the recent examples. Before that, Anna was engaged in transport infrastructure development projects in the team of the Moscow Department of Transportation.
Anastasia Romashkevich
Moscow, Russia
Journalist, author of the blog #velonation, municipal deputy of Presnensky district

Lives in Moscow all life, works in an interior magazine. Five years ago decided to ride around Moscow on a bicycle, which prompted her to do self-education in the field of urban studies and to create a blog in which she talks both about the state of cycling in Moscow and about the best international practices in this field. Has an Instagram profile @bike2coffee, which aims at finding commonalities coffee culture and city bicycling.
Dmitry Gusev
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Bicycle activist and cycling entrepreneur

Head of a city bicycle rental service in Rostov-on-Don. The founder of a bike shop "Bush" and a courier service "Veloportatsiya." Since 2016 he has been developing the project "Velovod" - a mobile application which helps to create and follow cycling routes. It becomes the basis for the analysis of existing bicycle infrastructure in different cities. In 2017, "Velovod" won a state tender for bike paths design of Rostov-on-Don.
Ekaterina Fedotova
Moscow, Russia
Co-founder of the brand of cycling accessories VeloHorosho

In 2015, together with her husband founded the brand of cycling accessories VeloHorosho. The idea to engage in bike luggage came when the guys realized that in Moscow there are no high-quality, beautiful, comfortable bicycle bags that are not only "about sport", but also "about the city". Ordering from abroad was expensive and inconvenient, so it was decided to create their own models of city bicycle bags that meet all the requirements of a bike enthusiast.
Valeriya Pichugina
Moscow, Russia
Founder of "it's my!bike", a bicycle accessories store

Lera opened the doors of her store in 2012, when ideas about bicycle culture and infrastructure in Russia were just emerging, so the store witnessed and even participated in these changes. The key idea of the store is to make cycling around the city comfortable and safe, not in the last turn by means of suitable bicycle accessories. "it's my! bike" is actively involved in the bicycle life of Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition to the store, Lera is engaged in ultimate frisbee. She is a current world champion in ultimate frisbee on the sand.
Maria Bystrova
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
City activist, project coordinator of "City bicycle Krasnoyarsk"
Angelica Melentyeva
Kazan, Russia
Projects manager in "The architecture artel of Angelika Melentyeva"
Arkady Gershman
Moscow, Russia
Co-author of the project "Velomoskva"
Pavel Khusu
St. Petersburg, Russia
Leader of the St. Petersburg Bike Community
Vladimir Marchenko
Murmansk, Russia
President of the City cycling federation, Murmansk

One of the founders and the chairman of "NordBike" fitness club, the founder and the head of a sport club "White Bears" and a bicycle activist. Started actively promoting a bicycle movement and a bicycle culture in Murmansk and in the Murmansk region in 2005. An idea man, an organizer and the leader of many projects in promoting, sport and bicycle areas.
Dan Kollár
Bratislava, Slovakia
Board member at the Cyklokoalícia

Dan Kollár is a bicycle activist from Slovakia. Started with activism at high school and became a president of well-respected bicycle advocacy NGO Cyklokoalicia at the age of 22. A core member of Bike Kitchen Bratislava and co-founder of Bike Kitchen Brno, as well as taking care about community bike sharing scheme Whitebikes. Spends his free time in community garden and as a bicycle soundsystem selector.
Lars Strömgren
Stockholm, Sweden
President of Cykelfrämjandet (The Swedish Cycling Advocacy Association), vice president of the European Cyclists Federation

In the past few years the Cykelfrämjandet has undertaken reforms to improve contact with politicians and decision-makers at a local, regional, national and even international level through involvement in ECF. Lars Strömgren is also the president of Svensk Cykling ("Swedish Cycling") — a national umbrella organization encompassing all aspects of cycling from urban planning, sports and environmental issues to questions concerning the cycle industry and retail. Has a M.Sc in Business and Economics and has experience within management consulting, urban planning and PR. He is a member of several panels of experts at the Swedish Transport Administration and serves on the advisory boards for various transport, climate change and urban policy research programmes.

Anna Niska
Linköping, Sweden
Research leader at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)

Anna Niska is a research leader at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), since 2002. She has a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Luleå University of Technology and a PhD in Highway Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Her doctoral thesis was on the subject "Winter maintenance and cycleways". Her main field of research is within effects on cycling of road maintenance and operation including accident studies, effects on cycle flows, evaluations of winter maintenance methods, etc.

Emil Törnsten
Stockholm, Sweden
Project officer for Cykel Plus Minus (The Swedish Winter Cycling Innovation Competition)

Emil is a project officer/coordinator involved in several Swedish pro-cycling NGOs and policy expert within urban and regional planning with regards to cycling. He is Project officer for Cykel Plus Minus, The Swedish Winter Cycling Innovation Competition running during the winter 2017-2018. The innovation competition will encourage municipalities and other actors to find new solutions to improve public health and accessibility in traffic while minimizing negative environmental impact and accident risks. Emil is also coordinator of Svenska Cykelstäder (Swedish Cycling Cities); an association composed of Sweden's most ambitious municipalities and organizations dedicated to working for increased and safer cycling. He coordinates Riksdagens Cykelnätverk (The Cycling Network of the Parliament). This is a network of members of the parliament from all parties who are interested in politics of cycling.

Erik Stigell
Stockholm, Sweden
Senior transport consultant and researcher at the company Trivector Traffic

Erik has PhD in Sport Science, Sports at the School of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden. His dissertation title was "Assessment of active commuting behaviour – walking and bicycling in Greater Stockholm". Since 2012 he has been working as a consultant and researcher at Trivector Traffic in Stockholm, Sweden. Erik mostly works in the area of active transport and health, especially walking, bicycling and commuting. Since 2016 he is a member of the Swedish Government's strategic innovation partnership program concerning the next generation's travel and transport.
Marcel Iseli
COO and sport director at Huerzeler Bicycle Holidays
Turkey, Ukraine
Feridun Ekmekci
Muğla, Turkey
National NowWeMove Coordinator at the ENVERÇEVKO — National Eurovelo Coordinator for Turkey

Feridun Ekmekci is is part of the academic staff at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversity, Electric and Energy Department. He is a charter member and the head of the Envercevko — Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection Association in Muğla, Turkey. Envercevko focused to energy efficiency in transportation and to promote cycling tourism as environment friendly transport model. Feridun Ekmekci is a National Eurovelo Coordinator and National NowWeMove Campaign Coordinator for 3 years and project advisor of the cross border cycling Event — CBCE. He tries to develop the Eurovelo extention route in Turkey and Aegean region. He is also a bicycle policy auditor (BYPAD) and a bike user for tourism model and transportation in daily life for over 35 years. He is a member of Scientists for Cycling (S4C) network — ECF, and a member of advisory committee of EU Turkish delegation Sivil Dusun programme, transport and Tourism section.
Alexey Dobryakov
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Founder of the social organization "Zaporozhye Bicycle" and an urban social organization "Svidome Misto"

He is the founder of a social organization "Cycling Zaporozhye" and an urban social organization "Svidome Misto", which advocate and lobby the development of cycling infrastructure in the city of Zaporozhye. He is a member of an organizing committee for the annual festival "Veloday", as well as various cycling events and projects.
United Kingdom
Brian Deegan
London, UK
Design Engineer at Urban Movement, MCIHT, MCILT, MAPM, MSc

One of the UK's leading cycling specialists, he co-wrote the London Cycling Design Standards and oversaw the design quality of the Mayor of London's £1 billion investment in cycling infrastructure. He also co-wrote the draft of EU Cycling Strategy with the European Cycling Federation and has published many articles and papers. His recent paper on Cycling Infrastructure in London won the Institute of Civil Engineer's Trevithick award. He has worked on every mayor cycling project in London over the past 15 years and is now working as a consultant in the UK through Urban Movement and in Europe with Alta Global. Brian specialises in protected cycle lanes and junctions and has worked closely with England's Department of Transport to test and introduce innovative cycling infrastructure.

Christopher Johnson
Glasgow, Scotland
Head of Education and Training for Cycling Scotland

Christopher Johnson has worked for Cycling Scotland for the last eight years, delivering behaviour change programmes and cycle training to support Scotland's vision of 10% of everyday trips being made by bike. He is involved in a number of successful partnership projects and leads a team that supports cycle training opportunities for over 50,000 people each year. He is responsible for developing the strategic objectives of cycling education in Scotland, with a large focus on reaching new audiences. This has included the introduction of balance biking in nursery schools, professional training for truck and bus drivers, and pilot projects for learner drivers. Supported by ongoing evaluation and evidence, Cycling Scotland is changing the perception of cycle training in the school setting as a road safety resource into an educational tool that can support wider learning.
Anthony Desnick
Minneapolis, USA
Member of the Boards of Directors for Smart Trips St. Paul, the St. Paul TMO, The Winter Cycling Federation and the North American Bike Share Association

Tony Desnick is a parent, educator, architect, urban designer, blogger, bike activist and bike share promoter. He writes for minneapolize.com and streets.mn where he makes a case for bikes saving the world from itself. He sits on the Boards of Directors for Smart Trips St. Paul, the St. Paul TMO, The Winter Cycling Federation and the North American Bike Share Association. Most days you'll find him on his "barkfiets" carrying his dog Unomas to and from work. He has been riding a bike for 55 years and rides everyday of the year.

Olatunji Oboi Reed
Chicago, USA
President & CEO at the Equiticity

Oboi serves as the President & CEO of Equiticity, a national advocacy movement operating at the intersection of equity, mobility and justice in communities of color across the US. Equiticity's vision is a large US city where equity is fully integrated at the policy level into every function, department and resource associated with the City's operations, services and programs. Oboi co-founded and recently served as the President & CEO of the Slow Roll Chicago bicycle movement. Slow Roll Chicago is working to build an equitable, diverse and inclusive bicycle culture in Chicago, by organizing community bicycle rides and advocating for bicycle equity.

Thomas DeVito
New York, USA
Director of Organizing in Transportation Alternatives

Has been with the Transportation Alternatives for five years. While at TransAlt, he has worked to develop its grassroots organizing model, which has engaged and galvanized thousands of New Yorkers to advocate for the prioritization of walking, biking, and mass transit in local neighborhoods across the five boroughs. Thomas has worked on scores of successful intersection and corridor transformations, winning dozens of miles of protected bike lanes and bus priority lanes on some of the most iconic avenues in the United States. Thomas has a Master's Degree from University of St. Andrews, in Scotland, and went to Marlboro College, in Vermont, as an undergraduate.